The young Marco Polo follows the steps of his father Niccolò: his father’s travel diary shows Marco, his trustful friend Luigi, the chinese princess Shi La and her bat Fu Fu the way into adventure.

The journey leads them through 26 exciting and informative episodes along the Silk Road. Marco and his friends discover exotic landscapes, unknown cultures, fabulous creatures and historical sites and get in touch with new inventions and culinary delicacies again and again. But will they find Marco’s father, too?

The TV-series was produced by MotionWorks in Halle (Saale), Germany and first broadcasted in KiKa on 1st December 2013 and has become one of the most successful TV-series in German TV. Because everyone wanted to know, what’s happening next to Marco, Luigi, Shi La and Fu Fu, the second season was produced in 2017/2018 and premiered in KiKa in December 2018.

In the first season I did the set design and designed the storymations, explanatory shorts which present an invention, story or culinary delicatessen in each episode. In the second season I could do the storymation design again and also the (key) background design.

In this project I loved the visual and cultural variety and diversity, which I experienced as an artistic travel through world and time. With the finds of my research I created in the storymations new artworks for the young audience. They could discover the cultural treasures of other countries and times in an entertaining way like that.