Tilda Appleseed, a small mouse and white as the elderflower, lives with her friends in a little wonderful village at the foot of a church wall. She loves to have a nice cup of tea and delicious cookies with her friends.

Tilda loves to help her friends, together they are inseparable and undergo heartwarming, varied and educative little adventures day for day. The TV series for children based on the books of Andreas H. Schmachtl was produced by WunderWerk, Hamburg/Unterföhring, together with MDR/SWR (public-service broadcasting) and first broadcasted in November 2016.

Inspired by Schmachtl’s children’s books I designed the watercolour style for the series and the key backgrounds. I am very proud that the series has been nominated for the German Grimme-Price in 2017 – quite an accolade for the 2D animation!

In this project I loved the challenge to get the watercolours “alive” for film. The delicate and fragile structure of watercolours and the impression of brushstrokes had to be preserved in the moving image. I am passionate about watercolouring so a natural look and feel was also very important for me. Schmachtl’s stories are popular for children as well as adults because of their natural and charming atmosphere at least.